Week 7 Reflection

Technology is ever changing just as education is ever changing. The two go hand in hand because they both impact each other in so many significant ways. Throughout this course I have been given many different tools that I am able to integrate into my classroom easily. These tools will provide my students with learning experiences that they are able to better relate with, become excited with, and use these tools in the future as they grow and adapt with technology and education. One important thing that we must remember as an educator is that we must always be life long learners in order to provide our students with the best education they can possibly have. Educators have the important role to continue growing with the trends and adapting our lessons everyday to incorporate materials and methods that we may not have been familiar with before. We must understand that we are preparing students for real life.

My first goal that I would like to set is to become more familiar with grant writing. Many of my frustrations in the classroom stem from not having the appropriate technology that we need to make sure our classrooms 21st century learning environments. It is always very easy to neglect integrating technology in the classroom when it is difficult to get your hands on the tools that provide these learning experiences. I want to become familiar with researching and writing grant proposals so school districts, like the one I work at, will not be left in the dust because we just do not qualify for funding. I will work hard to make sure I am taking advantage of all opportunities that are provided to educators.

My second goal is to make sure that I am up-to-date on all of the latest technology that can be brought into the classroom. I am ashamed to admit that I had not blogged, podcasted, or created a wikipage before this class and after creating all 3 I am excited to make them apart of my classroom. I know that these tools are only a little part of the technology that is available to get kids excited about learning and creating. I will make sure that I am constantly learning and researching different methods of learning that I can integrate into my classroom to make sure I am creating a 21st century learning environment.

This course has definitely changed my outlook on education and technology in a positive way. Before I thought because I didn’t have easy access to computers or a SMARTboard that I could just make do with what I had. Now I understand now that it is my job to make sure that my students have access to all of this wonderful technology so that when it is time for them to enter the real world they are entering it as a prepared citizen.


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