Modifying My GAME Plan

Modifying My GAME Plan



So far I feel that the planning for my GAME plan is coming along very nicely.  Over the last week I have had a lot of really great suggestions from my classmates that I feel like I should integrate into my plan.  One great suggestion that I have added to my plan is having my students present their findings to the administration or the the board of education.  I feel that doing this will not only prove to my students that their research was real life and meaningful, but it will also show the board of education the desperate need for updated technology in the school district.  Another suggestion that I liked was having students research different methods besides just purchasing pre made computers.  Students could actually research purchasing parts of a computer to create their own computer at a cheaper rate.  I believe that an addition like this to the assignment would be something very good for students who need to have extension lessons. 


The difficult part so far has been finding the resources to actually purchase the school computers, I thought it would be easy to find listings for computers and other types of technology online that was geared towards school districts, but as it turns out that material is kept pretty private for bid purposes.  My plan is to go to the business administrator in the school and see if there are any catalogs or companies that the school deals with to see if we are able to compare bid prices to other prices that my students are able to find.


I really learned that collaboration is key in creating a plan like this.  Without sharing my ideas with others and reading and listening to what they have to say my plan would not be set into motion with such great components.  I think that being able to bounce and idea off of a group of people and hearing all of the different feedback really gets your own mind going and you are able to come up with different ideas then you would have on your own.  It makes me really yearn to have this type of community at school, unfortunately as much as we try sometimes that isn’t supported by the entire building.


The questions that I have now are will I have enough time to complete this assignment and is it appropriate for fifth grade students? I think doing a little research with the technology teacher will allow me to see the background of knowledge that my students have.  I already have a pretty good understanding of their mathematics abilities and I can see that budgeting may be a difficult task for them to manage, but one that they really need to work on because it is such a vital real life skill. 


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  1. seanbosley
    Mar 24, 2012 @ 22:35:43

    I really like your idea of having the students post their research results to the administration. This makes the request so much more meaningful. I am having my students create their own newsletter and my administration is happy they are creating it. The students take ownership and it can show, especially to the board of education.

    I also like your idea of collaboration. I am getting help Monday from our technology team to help with the newsletter and how to use and/a similar site that doesn’t need a Google account.

    Time is always a key, but keep in mind that trying something this year will help better prepare you for next year if you were to attempt this again.

    Sean Bosley


  2. Nicole
    Mar 25, 2012 @ 20:52:26


    I am glad you are deciding to incorporate a presentation to the project for your students. This will make this very meaningful and real-world for them. Have you decided yet how you are going to have them present? Will they each present individual parts of the project or will they present something in groups? Also, will you have them use presentation software to present such as PowerPoint? Maybe you could create one PowerPoint as a class, having each student develop a slide/s for certain information and then when you present, each student or group will present “their” information and slide.

    Your questions about your GAME plan are very good questions. I would ask some other 5th grade teachers to see if they have any ideas on how to make this project more appropriate for this age group if you think it seems to be too much. As a kindergarten teacher, I would not know if this is too much for 5th grade. For your time concerns, I would try to create some type of timeline to keep to in order to help you finish things on time. Your GAME plan is very interesting and provides very great experiences for your students, so I encourage you to do your best to do it because you are doing such a great job so far!


  3. missengelhardt
    Mar 26, 2012 @ 03:21:02

    Thank you Sean and Nicole for your comments!

    I definitely think I will need to have the assistance of the other fifth grade teachers (there are only 3 of us and we all teach a common class -language arts). It’s great because we already work very closely (we have a PLC). The Tech teacher that I will be working with soon is actually a fellow fifth grade teacher (we are spread all around in this school!) I’m hoping with our already great working relationship this project will be a breeze.

    I really like your idea for giving each student 1 slide to present, Nicole! I think one entire presentation would be the best idea because then it is short and concise. I have been discussing whether or not the fifth graders could handle this project with the other fifth grade teachers and we all seem pretty confident that because it is almost the end of the school year that the kids would be well prepare for it. I know at least their math skills will be adequate enough for my students to be successful. We have realized that they may need a little more knowledge and background on the technology aspect though. They usually learn to begin the parts of the computer and different things like that in sixth grade, so I have decided to create a few short lessons explaining the different components of a computer lab.

    I’m very excited for this project and I think that with the help of my teammates and the excitement to have my students present to the administration or board of education will really help guide this project in the right direction! I’m also very thankful for all of the wonderful ideas I am receiving from everyone at Walden!


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